Google Maps on RightNow CX

RightNow CX gives us the ability to put Web Browser controls in workspaces so that agents using the Dyanamic Agent Desktop can navigate on the Internet without having to leave the Console.

Using that we can easily embed Google Maps on RightNow CX, and quickly see the customer’s address using the information in the RightNow knowledge base.

  • Step 1: Open the workspace and add a new workspace tab
  • Step 2: Go to the Insert Control tab and drag/drop a browser control into the workspace tab


  • Step 3: Select the control in the workspace tab, go to the Design tab > Options section, click URL and insert the following link$contact.addr.street+$$contact.addr.postal_code


Now, whenever you open a contact, and navigate to the “Map” tab, you will automatically see the customer’s address on the map.