CXDev Toolbox, by CXDeveloper

Some of you may have already noticed that one of the websites I have in the list of links is the CXDeveloper. This is a website where a couple of Oracle Service Cloud specialists (namely Andy Rowse and Ben Johns) share their extensive knowledge and experience on how to customise and extend Oracle Service Cloud.

They not only give some excellent advice and tips, but also provide to the Oracle Service Cloud community the CXDev Toolbox, an “extensible platform for tools and utilities that support the management, maintenance and development of an Oracle RightNow CX site”.

This toolbox connects to the Oracle Service Cloud environment and allows…

  • Single and multiple Account Import
  • Single and multiple Account Unlock
  • ROQL Testing
  • PHP Stub Generation

Andy and Ben are kind and generous enough to allow everyone to use these for free, and in the future they promise to offer more functionality, like…

  • PTA Testing
  • Object Cleaning
  • Contact Merging
  • CBO Copying
  • Meta Comparison

I would recommend all Oracle Service Cloud admins, developers and consultants to download the CXDev Toolbox as it may be very useful.