Customer Portal: Edit pages usign WebDAV and Text Editor

As it was stated before, to create or customize the Customer Portal pages, you will need a WebDAV client to download/upload the files, and you will use a text editor to edit the files. This post shows how to do it.

Step 1: Download and install a WebDAV software. Oracle recommends Cyberduck.

Step 2: Run Cyberduck and open a new connection.


Step 3: Set up a connection to your Customer Portal:

If you input your RightNow Customer Portal site on the Server field, the URL and port should come automatically. Then un-tick the Anonymous Login check box, input your admin credentials and click Connect.


Step 4: Open the folders and sub-folders until you find the file you want to change (in this case we went to the home.php file by navigating to cp/customer/development/views/pages)


Step 5: Select the file you want to change, right-click and choose Download to save the file in your local machine.


Step 6: Open the downloaded file in a text editor, change it and save it.


Step 7: Go back to Cyberduck, right-click the file you want to update and choose Upload.


Step 8: To check your changes open a browser, navigate to your Customer Portal admin site ( and click View Development Area.


Step 9: Make sure that the Customer Portal you are viewing has the Customer Portal Development Area sign on top.