ACXS – Accredited CX Specialist

The ACXS certification was long overdue for me. I finally found time to do it, thanks to it’s creator and CX guru, James Dodkins, who made a big effort to make it available online.

This is one of the best courses I have ever done, even taking into account those that have little to do with Customer Experience. Because it is concise and practical.

The size of the course is ideal, and its structure is easy to follow. The (video) lessons are short and to the point. And the content (the SCO method) is simply outstanding.

This is not your typical course (e.g. there is no exam at the end). It is a practical course, where you are asked to use the method and its tools on a real-life business scenario.

This means there is very few (if any) theory and lots of practice. And you are evaluated, at the end by James himself, based on your knowledge of the SCO method, and the work you have done.

ACXS is empowering because it allows you to make an immediate impact in your company – using the tools, techniques, frameworks (shared with attendees in PPT format).