RightNow November 2013 Release

The November 2013 release of Oracle RightNow CX (or Oracle Service Cloud) provides significant new features and capabilities.

Virtual Assistant

Oracle RightNow Virtual Assistant: One of the coolest new features of this release. With the virtual assistant organisations can decrease the volume of Live Chat sessions that require an actual human agent.


Live Chat

Virtual Assistant Escalation: Whilst servicing the customer, the Virtual Assistant checks for agent availability and seamlessly transfers the customer to a Live Chat session, providing the agent all the information collected up front.

Page Peek: Agents can now see a snapshot of the actual website page the customer was navigating when he engaged in the Live Chat session. (note: sensitive data such as account or credit cards numbers can be hidden so they are not displayed to the agent).


Customer Portal

Widget Migration Assistant: This is something particularly useful for developers, saving time and making them more efficient. A widget wizard guides the developers through the custom code migration process. On top of that, it provides code validation and enhancement suggestions. (note: Framework Version 3 has to be enabled).

Connect Object Explorer (COE): Another cool feature for developers. COE makes it easier for developers to inspect the objects that Connect exposes, providing an object and field explorer to view metadata information and a have a stronger understanding of Connect objects. It also has an easy-to-use ROQL query interface which allows the export of custom queries.


New widgets: The November 2013 version of the CP includes several new widgets:

  • ClickjackPrevention widget
  • TopAnswers widget
  • VirtualAssistantAvatar
  • VirtualAssistantBanner
  • VirtualAssistantSimilarMatches
  • VirtualAssistantFeedback

Access to customer profile data with JavaScript: Developers are now able to access customer profile information using JavaScript (avoiding the need to gather that information in a widget controller.php file and manually pass it to JavaScript.

Interface-specific cookies: To prevent malicious reuse of the cookie across interfaces.

File attachment thumbnail display: The FileListDisplay widget now includes a display_thumbnail attribute that displays thumbnails of image file attachments on the question details page of all three page sets.

Hiding empty columns on reports: The new hide_empty_columns attribute prevents the display of output columns for custom fields or custom attributes that do not contain data.

Link to Customer Portal API documentation: The Help button on the dashboard of the Customer Portal Administration site now includes a link to the PHP API and JavaScript API documentation.

Removed widgets: The following deprecated widgets have been removed from this version of the CP:

  • MobileEmailAnswerLink
  • ContactNameDisplay

Agent Desktop

Single Sign-On Identity Provider: The new release enables the administration of SSO integrations with external applications that reside outside RightNow CX. SSO integrations allow RightNow to be used as an identity provider to store and authenticate customer credentials.

Message Templates: Enhanced features to customise and personalise admin notifications and emails, as well as contact emails.

  • Conditional content in Incident threads (insert adverts/coupons in response threads).
  • Customisable subject lines (add up to 5 merge fields on the subject line)
  • Customisable print templates
  • Case Sections
  • Merge report properties


Agent Mobile App: It was enhanced and is now supported not only in Apple’s iPads but in iPhones, providing also the ability to:

  • Create and edit Contacts;
  • Access Survey result history;
  • Forward Incidents, Tasks, and Answers;
  • Upload Incident attachments;
  • View a customised Incidents report;
  • View knowledge base answers;
  • Customise lists and other Mobile Workspaces.


Standard Reports: Two new reports were added to help admins identify other reports that are not running as efficiently as required.

  • Report failure details (lists reports that failed to run, the reasons for that, and how often they failed)
  • Summary of Report failures (lists the types of report failures along with the number of times the failure was encountered during a specified date range)

Enhanced report analyser: The report analyser now contains additional information that help admins work on the efficiency of the reports.


Ignore results control and monitoring: Admins now have the ability to control which agent profiles have the permission to ignore social media posts. On top of that, new reports are now available to help admins monitor the number of posts being ignored by agents on an hourly, daily, or monthly basis.

Twitter filters: New filters were added to help reduce clutter when performing Twitter searches. Also, it is now available the ability to filter Twitter posts by the number of followers and exclude retweets from search results.

Facebook locale search: Already available on Twitter searches in previous releases, filter by locale when performing a Facebook search on public feed is now available, to narrow down to the results to more relevant data.


Infrastructure – Incident Thread Masking: This new functionality will enables organisations to better comply with internal governance and data privacy issues. Sensitive data (credit card numbers, etc.) can be automatically masked with the use of patterns/regular expressions matching. These masks are applied to thread data, either entered by the customer or the agent. The data is modified in the database and the UI.


Expanded Data Center Footprint: Three new data centres were recently opened in Kitakyushu (Japan), Sydney (Australia), and Amsterdam (The Netherlands), making the number of data centres rise to 8 – others are Canada, Santa Clara (USA), Oklahoma (USA), Chicago (USA), London (UK), Singapure.