Email Management: Mailboxes

There are two mailbox types in RightNow CX:

  • Service
  • Marketing

Service mailboxes are used only with the RightNow Service application, while Marketing mailboxes are used with either RightNow Marketing or RightNow Feedback.

Mailboxes are used to define outgoing email settings and to specify the email accounts to pull email messages from. You cannot send or receive email from an application until at least one mailbox is configured and enabled for your RightNow CX interface.

Service and Marketing mailboxes cannot be share in order to ensure accurate processing of replies, inbound messages, and bounces. Techmail (*) handles messages in the Service mailbox differently from how it handles them in the Marketing mailbox.

Mailboxes can be configured to handle only outgoing email, only incoming email, or both.

  • Outgoing email settings define the identifying information to be included in outgoing email sent by the mailbox, such as the Envelope From/Bounce Address, Friendly From/Branded Address, Reply-To Address, and Display Name.


  • Incoming email settings define the POP server, POP account, and password used to access incoming email. Other incoming settings provide methods to filter mail messages (by applying discard filters and restricting file attachments by size and file type) and forward rejected messages to another email address.


To safeguard your email communication, RightNow CX supports SSL and S/MIME security methods along with the ability to manage certificates and authentication options. Together, these features can provide a high level of security for messages traversing the Internet between you and your customers.


* Techmail: A scheduled utility that retrieves mail from specified POP3 mailboxes. RightNow Service processes some of the mail into new incidents and routes the incidents using business rules (depending on settings). RightNow Marketing and RightNow Feedback process bounced messages to assist in tracking incorrect email addresses.

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