RightNow February 2014 Release

The February 2014 release of Oracle RightNow CX (aka Oracle Service Cloud) brings a huge list of great and exciting new features and capabilities that will benefit agents and customers, enhancing the user (UX), customer (CX) and also developer experience!

Web Experience

Virtual Assistant capabilities were improved. To add to the human-like conversational language capabilities that truly understand the customer’s request and intent, Virtual Assistant has now visibility on the customer profile and interaction history, providing a more personalized, quick and simple dialogue. There are also some new OOTB reports around Virtual Assistant to track efficiency and effectiveness of this assisted service.

Community Support Search will enable the search to be a blend of answers in the knowledge base and posts from the community. This will not only make it easier and quicker for the customer to find the answer to his/her question but also prevent duplicate posts in the community or interactions to the contact centre assisted channels (more costly).

Dynamic Forms API was built and will make it easier to create dynamic forms (e.g. Ask a Question page). Until now developers had to write custom code (using the JavaScript API) to have a form-type page to respond dynamically based on the customer’s action. But from now on, using the Dynamic Forms API they can add dynamic options that are triggered by selection in drop-down menus.

image 1

Contact Centre Experience

Agent Mobile App has now full support for Custom Objects, which means that every custom object can be exposed and have a workspace in the mobile app. It also has enhanced mobile workspaces with new controls that allow developers/super users to embed analytics, surface external websites, and display SmartSense controls. On top of that, agents are now allowed to upload pictures from their iPhone as attachments as well as search the knowledge base and add answer links to the incident response. Admins can also create a mobile navigation set.

image 2

Asset and Product registration is finally coming in this release. Asset is now a standard object and there is functionality that allows asset registration and management. Customers can register their assets and view the service history through the Customer Portal, and Agents can update the registration on the Agent Desktop, as well as have a full view of the asset service history. There are OOTB widgets and pages that developers can use in the Customer Portal in order to create asset registration pages. On top of this, assets can be associated to specific SLAs.

image 6

Microsoft Outlook Integration for 64-bit is now available and therefore users that have MS Outlook 2010 and 2013 (64-bit) are able to synchronize emails, contacts and tasks.

image 9

Message templates enhancements were made in order to improve the HTML editors in message templates, making it easier to customize and personalize the content of the admin notifications, admin emails, and contact emails. These were also applied to the HTML editors used by RightNow Outreach and RightNow Feedback for creating documents, mailings, and surveys.


New report delivery options allow the user/developer to send scheduled and queued reports directly to a compressed CSV files. Since this reduces the processing time, it is now possible to run reports that return up to 1 million rows (before we were limited to returning 10,000 rows), which is going to avoid bounced emails due to size and decrease report fail due to too much data.

image 10

– New Contacts with Invalid Email Addresses report was added to the set of OOTB reports and lists all contacts that have one or more invalid primary or alternate email address, resulting from both hard and soft bounces. It also shows the date each address was set to invalid.

Policy Automation

Policy Automation is already integrated in the Service Cloud providing the ability to deal with complex customer interactions through personalized, consistent, and transparent advice. It was enhanced to further streamline the interview process and now has a new calendar control (that pops up to input date) and new tabular data entry control, as well as support for more languages – Danish, Norwegian, Swedish, Portuguese, Japanese, and Italian. On top of that, agents are now able to work in multiple interviews simultaneously and the data in the interview is saved into the incident thread, either it is done via CP or Agent Desktop.

image 11

image 12

2 thoughts on “RightNow February 2014 Release

    1. Hi Paul,

      There is now Asset/Product based SLAs with the introduction of the Asset/Product standard object. Is that what you mean?

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