Improve CX with Dynamic and Intelligent Desktop


The Challenge

Organisations know that to provide a fast and efficient customer experience they need to empower their staff with a single, consistent and 360° view of the customer.

This need is a consequence of the fact that customers are engaging organisations through a large number of channels (in-store, web, email, chat, phone, mobile, etc.).

But also consequence of this increasingly connected, competitive and digital world, where customers expect to have their issues/inquiries resolved as quickly as possible.

The Problem

The truth is the majority of organisations (mainly in their contact centres) still require their staff to use tens of different applications/systems while serving the customer.

My experience has showed me that, when serving the customers, staff spends bucket loads of time taking and putting data/info from and to other applications/systems.

The most common operations are Alt+Tab and Copy-Paste! Frequently staff is lost amid so many open windows in their desktop. And the customer experience suffers with that.

The issue is that organisations have a huge amount of legacy and siloed systems. Those were put in place to address a specific need (new channel, new requirement, etc.).

Hence, organisations are failing to deliver a truly joined up, personalised and omni-channel customer experience due to the lack of integration between their systems and channels.

The Solution

RightNow CX has the answer. It is a strategic solution, rather than a patch for a specific need. It is a complete platform that offers single, consistent and 360° view of the customer.

On top of that, staff members are able to deal with any interaction (coming from any channel), from one place using the same application. Accessing records, information and knowledge.

The RightNow CX Dynamic Agent Desktop is a high performance console. Fast, interactive, user friendly, easy to use, with a very familiar look and feel (MS Outlook).

It is configurable, customisable and comprises a set of features, each representing a different and powerful way of interacting with records (e.g. Workspaces, Scripts, Business Rules, Workflows).

There is also a desktop add-in framework that allows the build of custom .NET components, controls, and applications (what we call add-ins) for the Dynamic Agent Desktop.

Legacy systems that cannot be discontinued can be integrated in the Dynamic Agent Desktop using different types of integration (e.g. surfacing, presenting, real-time, batch, other).

The Result

RightNow CX Dynamic Agent Desktop centralizes disparate information, improves response rates and agent productivity, decreases training and average handling times, increases efficiency and ultimately Helps deliver a better customer experience.

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