May 2014 Release is now available

The May 2014 release of Oracle RightNow CX (aka Service Cloud) is now available. As usual there are some great new features and functionalities. Here are the main ones…

Enhanced User Interface for the Dynamic Agent Desktop

The console has an enhanced User Interface, much more flexible and faster. It allows users to change the layout by undocking, moving, removing and re-ordering controls, tool windows and admin workspaces. These can now be dragged into another screen or even to the new navigation pane that had been added to the right of the content pane.


A new concept of sub-tabs was introduced. When a user opens an associated record (e.g. open a Contact in a context of an Incident), that record’s workspace opens in a sub-tab, rather than in a new tab.


In Analitycs, it is now also possible to customise the search window layouts of reports and dashboards.


New Feedback Surveys for Mobile Devices

It is now possible to create surveys that will automatically optimised when accessed through mobile devices. RightNow is able to detect whether a survey is being taken on web or mobile device and adapt the landing and questionnaire pages. Nevertheless, there is an option to “Switch to desktop mode”


To further optimise the surveys, Conditional or Case sections can be added in order to show different content for web and mobile devices (e.g. an image used in the survey may be smaller for mobile devices).

Matrix questions will be rearranged to display vertically on small mobile devices (less than 400 pixels).


Mobile look & feel can be checked when building/designing the survey by using the new “Mobile Preview” feature.


The following new reports where added to the list of standard reports in order to analyse Web/Mobile survey trends:

  • Mobile Survey Trend
  • Mobile Survey Browser Trend
  • Mobile Survey OS Trend
  • Standard vs Mobile Survey Trend

Object Event Handler in Rules, Surveys and Campaigns

It is now possible to invoke Object Event Handlers from Business Rules using PHP that can be associated with CRUD operation in standard or custom objects.


It is also possible to add Contact-related Object Event Handlers using PHP that can be associated with CRUD operations on Contact objects used in Surveys and Campaigns.


Single logout for SSO

If using Single Sign On (SSO) to login to other apps and RightNow as the Identity Provider, agents can now be automatically logged out of all service providers they are logged in to, either applications are external or internal (e.g. OPA) to the Oracle Service Cloud.

Enhances Siebel Integration

The new version of the framework allows the use of the Customer Portal with version of Siebel. This means that Siebel customers can use the RightNow Customer Portal alongside Siebel without having to implement the complete RightNow solution.

This way, questions submitted on the “Ask a Question” page of the RightNow Customer Portal will be directly converted in Siebel Service Requests, rather than creating a Incident in the RightNow database (that then had to be sent/created to Siebel).

Customer Portal
The new version of the framework includes “View Partials”. These are chunks of code that can be used/re-used in multiple places in a widget or shared across multiple widgets, in order to avoid code duplication.

New Objects available for ROQL queries

The new version of RightNow lets API clients access (using Query CSV() operation) the following objects for ROQL queries:

  • SystemInformation object to retrieve a list of API versions that are supported for a given site.
  • ReleaseInformation object to retrieve RightNow release information (e.g. release date, service pack level, build number, patch level) and other version details for a specific site.
  • PerformanceRecords object to retrieve information related to incident performance and import into data warehousing solutions for further analysis and reporting.
  • “Mailbox” – Mailbox object to prevent direct SQL queries and whitelisting

Chat Advanced Routing

It is now possible to route incoming chats to agents based on their specific language, product skills and workload.

Furthermore, it is possible to designate primary agent responsibilities, overflow coverage, and VIP queues without needing to make changes in real-time. Experience Routing provides prioritization and assignment control to meet business objectives.

New reports where added to the list of standard reports in order to track performance of advanced routing of chat sessions.

Enhanced SRM Integration

In the new release RightNow leverages SRM’s noise filtering and semantic analysis. Also the Social Monitor will now execute searches every 5 minutes (previously searches were done every 15 minutes).

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