Customer Journey Mapping workshop

CapricornVentis is delivering three 1-to-1 Customer Journey Mapping workshops to a company that showed interest (and need) in improving the Customer Experience. I am teaming up with my colleague Brian O’Flynn (@oflynnbrian) to facilitate those workshops.

This company (our customer) has a very interesting business and its employees are really dynamic, committed and engaged. For the workshop we chose a persona and used a real customer journey (a problematic one), provided by the management team.

In order to achieve better results, we planned to use a mix of the best in the Stanford way of customer journey mapping, our previous experience as attendees/coaches in other journey mapping sessions, and more importantly our experience/knowledge as consultants.

We started by sharing some good and bad experiences. As always the audience had many negative ones (mainly with banks and telecom providers) and a couple of positive ones (mainly with travelling and leisure). Then, I did a quick presentation around “Customer Management to Customer Experience“.

With some very good insights on what is Customer Experience, why it is so important these days, and how to deliver/enable it, the audience was now ready to dive into the Customer Journey Mapping exercise. We explained how it works talking them through an example.

From that moment on it was all fun. Music, colours, loads of post its, great discussions, amazing ideas, outstanding innovations, excellent outcomes. The feedback was great and we look forward for the next two sessions.


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