OPA Cloud Service: How to set up

Oracle Policy Automation (OPA) is a powerful software solution that enables companies to capture, manage and deploy complex legislation or policies. It comes from the acquisition of Haley (previously RuleBurst) by Oracle, back in 2008.

As many of you already know Oracle recently launched a cloud version of OPA, called OPA Cloud Service, and made it part of Oracle Service Cloud. Nonetheless, it is not mandatory to use both, as it is possible to run OPA Cloud Service standalone.

OPA Cloud Service has two main interfaces:

  • Oracle Policy Modeling (OPM): A desktop application to create policy models based on legislation or policies.
  • Oracle Policy Automation Hub (OPA Hub): A browser-based console to manage and deploy policy models.

Policy models can be made available in two ways:

  • Interviews: Web-based applications that collect information and data from an end-user through a Customer Portal.
  • Web Services: Each policy model created has an associated web service that will allow the integration with other processes or applications.

When used alongside Oracle Service Cloud, OPA allows:

  • Oracle Service Cloud fields to be used in rules (i.e. map data items in OPA onto Service Cloud data model).
  • Publish interviews in the Oracle Service Cloud Customer Portal
  • Publish interviews in the Oracle Service Cloud Agent Desktop
  • Create incidents and update other records based on interview answers

This post is a quick intro to this matter and shows how to set up OPA Cloud Service to be used with Oracle Service Cloud.

First you will need Oracle to provision both environments (or OPA only, if you already have a Service Cloud environment), and then set up the data service to communicate between the OPA Hub and Service Cloud.

The first step is to create a user in Service Cloud named OPA_Client, with permissions in the Public SOAP API area.

  1. Create an OPA profile


  1. Create an OPA user


Note: The password you enter here is going to be used in OPA HUB.

The next step is to login to OPA Hub (as an admin) and configure the data service.

  1. Go to “Administration” > “Data Service” and enter the password


Now you should have both applications connected and are now ready to start creating interviews in OPM and publishing them in Service Cloud (CP or DAD).

8 thoughts on “OPA Cloud Service: How to set up

  1. Hi,
    This post has been really helpful.
    Does this mean – we need separate permission from oracle to enable OPA Hub(other than above settings you have explained) for use with oracle service cloud?

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