Customer Journey Mapping workshop x 4


These past 2 weeks have been great fun. There is nothing like being in the “field”, helping companies being more customer-centric. And that is what a Capventis customer in the Construction industry wanted to do, in order to improve the Customer Experience they deliver.

Customer Journey Mapping is a very good technique that helps organisations identify the customer’s steps and emotions across all stages and touch points. From initial contact, through purchase, to support, and hopefully onto renewal or repeated purchase.

This type of exercise reveals opportunities for improvement and innovation in the customer’s experience. Either it is fixing a bad moment where things went wrong, or capitalising on a good moment where things went really well or as expected.

Teaming up with my colleague Kelvin Brain (@kelvinbrain), we facilitated a series of 4 Customer Journey Mapping workshops, where more than 40 staff came out with great innovations and ideas to improve the way the company treats and services customers.

For the workshops we chose a persona – David, the builder –  and used a business-specific customer journey. In order to achieve better results, we mixed the best of the Stanford University customer journey mapping with our experience and knowledge as consultants.

The day started with everyone in the room sharing some good and bad experiences. Then, we talked about how the world is changing – mainly due to advances in technology and the social media explosion – and how that impacts the way people expect to deal with companies.

With some very good insights on what is Customer Experience, why it is so important these days, and how to deliver/enable it, the audience was ready to dive into the Customer Journey Mapping exercise.

From that moment on it was all fun. Music, colours, loads of post-it notes, red/green dots, strings, great discussions, amazing ideas, outstanding innovations, excellent outcomes. The feedback was great and we look forward to the next steps.

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