The Justice League of Customer Service


Most of us, in particular those that have been implementing these type of applications in the last decade or two, know that the Oracle Service Cloud community is one of the best communities of its kind.

It is easy to use, full of useful content, and supported by a fantastic team that has a massive focus on those who seek help and/or provide insight, on the Oracle Service Cloud platform (spanning through RightNow, OPA, Field Service or Knowledge Advanced).

But usually we go to the community when we bump into a challenge or a problem. The community is a safe harbour for us to ask for guidance, support or help to resolve our issues.

The truth is that currently, more than be reactive and sort out issues that come up, we need to be pro-active and also find ways to innovate, in order to “fix” things before they even happen, to ultimately provide a better experience to our customers and staff.

That was one of the reasons why the Oracle Service Cloud team created the Oracle Service Cloud Hero Hub, where we can not only learn more about Oracle Service Cloud, but also have fun doing it.

I would strongly recommend that those of you who are working with Oracle Service Cloud, join the Hero Hub, and take part of this “Justice League of Customer Service“. To know more about the Hero Hub, and to learn how to join, check out Erica Leep’s post: Calling Customer Service Heroes to the Oracle Service Cloud.

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