Configuration Settings – Tips IV

Oracle Service Cloud has circa 500 configuration settings, which control the platform’s functions. Some of them are commonly used but many are not that well known. Below are a few that you might want to be aware of.


Some of you may have noticed (and found strange!) that attachments with name raw_message.mht appear on your incidents. Even stranger is that most times you are not even able to open it. This attachment is the original email message.


The EGW_SAVE_ORIG_MESSAGE configuration setting, enabled by default, makes the Email Gateway (incoming email) attach the original email message to the incident, after it is created. If you don’t want or need the original message attached, set this configuration setting to “No”.

Please also notice that subsequent updates (via email) to the same incident will not be saved as attachments or update the original file.

The raw_message.mht is in MIME HTML file format. If you have a compatible application to open this type of file, it will open in browser window, and the message will display in html (or text) format. You can also download the raw_message.mht file to your Desktop and “Open With” a text editor, to see the raw message, which will contain e.g. the original Internet Email headers.


This configuration setting enabled the Privileged Access feature of OSvC, which is what allows customers, in the customer portal, to see specific answers or content that is limited by Answer Access Levels.

By default, this configuration setting is disabled, and you need to enable it if you are creating different answer access levels (and associating it to SLAs), in order to give your customers different or more answers, or even additional content in the same answers (via conditional sections).


Most of you already noticed that when you add an answer as text to an incident (when using the “Add as Text” option on Search Knowledge Base or SmartAssistant windows), by default you add the Summary, the Question and the Answer.

This configuration setting, which is enabled by default, is what causes the above behaviour. If you want to remove the Summary and the Question sections and only add the Answer to your response, you need to disable it.



33 thoughts on “Configuration Settings – Tips IV

  1. I’m loving these tips….I went thru the settings when we first launched our site, but that has been eons ago. Nice refresher course, especially since I know more now than I did when first setting up.

  2. Thanks Luis, for the great tips as always.! We had the same issue when customer received incident status mail with the attachment ‘raw_message.mht ‘. We were clueless. This configuration setting information has given an answer for that now.

  3. The SA append is a great reminder! Have you come across a good way to remove the **** when you insert in the answer text?

  4. Doctor Doctor! I’ve noticed that we have been receiving some messages with only the raw_message.mht attached and it contains the whole email message. The email doesn’t come through in the workspace. Would this config help that?

  5. Doctor as usual, you come up with exceptional areas of the system to share within the configuration settings!! I particularly liked the EGW_SAVE_ORIG_MESSAGE, removing that is awesome!!

  6. The time we lost on understanding why the privileged answers do not work…..ANS_PRV_ENABLED being the answer indeed… Good to have a place where tips like this are stored!

  7. Just found the SA_APPEND_QUESTION last week and I would add that setting EU_FAQ_ANSWER_LBL to be ” ” spaces can be used to remove the **** ANSWER **** text.

  8. We are currently using EGW_SAVE_ORIG_MESSAGE, but I don’t see the benefits to not saving the original message as an attachment besides confusing agents. Does anyone have an example of how turning this config setting off has benefited them?

  9. SA_APPEND_QUESTION is always an important config to know about. And James W. hit the nail on the head for also removing the “****ANSWER****” title! Thanks for sharing.

  10. Good choices on config settings. Always fun and games so great to get some more knowledge out there.

  11. Ahhhhhhhh. Three scenarios I never contemplated, but will have a play, especially ANS_PRV_ENABLED

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