Aug 2017 release now available (Part I)

The August 2017 (17.8) release of Oracle Service Cloud (OSvC) is now generally available and it brings so many exciting new features and enhancements that, this time, I will break down my thoughts in three posts.

Site Configuration – Mailboxes

Until now, mailboxes were interface-specific items. To configure or manage a mailbox, you would have to be logged in to the interface where it was being used. Not any more!

From the Aug 17 release you can manage and configure all mailboxes from a single place (the interface of your choice) making it easier and more efficient for you to manage several mailboxes, in particular when you have multi-language interfaces and you don’t happen to speak them all!

The below screenshot shows the new Mailbox configuration screen, where you have a new tree structure with the list of mailboxes nested under type of mailbox, which in turn is under interface name.


Site Configuration – Message Templates

As you know Message Templates are broken down in 3 types: Admin Notifications, Admin Emails and Customer Emails. They allow you to customise the outgoing messages (for Admins, Agents or Customers) for each of your interfaces.

The 17.8 release brings a new feature for the Admin Notifications, that can be extremely useful and increase agent efficiency. You can now add – only to the Incident Assigned message template – a link to the Browser UI (BUI), which will take the agent directly to that particular incident record, in the BUI.


Configuration Assistant – Browser UI

Speaking about BUI, you no longer have to ask Oracle to enable it for you, and wait for them to “approve” or “agree” to do it for your company. You can now enable the BUI yourself via the Configuration Assistant (which you can reach in

Once you login the Configuration Assistant this is what you need to do

  1. Select the site (by clicking the site name/link)
  2. Go to the Integrations area (by clicking the Integrations box)
  3. Scroll down to the Browser User Interface section.
  4. Click the Enable BUI button

Once it is active you will see the message “Browser User Interface is enabled on this service site” as well as the URL, which should be something along the lines of: http:// <yourdomain>

Please remember that the BUI will only be available for your site, if you are in one of the last 5 releases.


Browser UI – Service  Level Agreements

The 17.8 release closes one important gap in previous releases of the BUI. Service Level Agreement (SLA) fields are now supported in the BUI. You can place them on the workspace and agents can view and edit Organisation and Contact SLAs, as well as assign the desired SLA to an incident.


Keep your eye on the next post – Aug 2017 release now available (Part II) – in which I will tell you a bit more about some of the most exciting enhancements in this Aug 2017 release.

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