VoC: 3 dos and 3 don’ts

Recently I went to a Pearson test centre to do an exam. The experience was positive and smooth. More importantly, I passed the exam.

Coming out of the exam I was given a paper, that among exam details had a QR code and asked to provide feedback. I used it to access the survey and provided my feedback.

‪A couple of days later, I got an email asking for my feedback again. Given that I had already submitted the earlier survey, I thought it was an “honest mistake” and ignored it.

One ‪week later, I got another email asking for my feedback. ‬This time I could not avoid a feeling of hassle, and thinking I was being spammed – when I had already (gladly) submitted my feedback.

Looking into the survey invitation emails in more detail, I realised that first one came from the address customerservice@pearson.com while the second one came from marketing@ocrm2.pearson.com.

But there was more. Looking into the survey links, I realised the departments were also using different systems. One of the links was feedback.pearsonvue.com while the other one was surveymonkey.com

Leveraging my experience in this area, of helping companies use technology to enable their CX and VoC programs, allow me to make 6 comments.

  1. It is really good that Pearson is reaching out to their customers, keen to hear about their experiences;
  2. It is really good that Pearson is doing it at different touch-points, particularly after the Moment of Truth – the exam;
  3. It is really good that Pearson is offering different entry points (e.g. QR code, email), making it convenient for the customer;
  4. It would be advisable for Pearson to have a holistic Voice-of-Customer program, that brings together all departments, avoiding silos;
  5. It would be advisable for Pearson to use a single technology platform for collecting and analysing customer feedback, providing clearer insight and avoiding overhead;
  6. It would be advisable for Pearson to create frequency and recency workflow rules, to avoid over-surveying and hassling customers;

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