Foster success by focusing on the “Why”

From “The Apple Experience”

Now, more than ever, companies need to (re)define their purpose – a clearly defined non-financial purpose. And then, ensure that leadership, culture, processes, policies, communications always take that purpose into account.

As Jeanne Bliss says: “Clarity of purpose gives people’s work meaning. It is the glue that unites a team and enables everyone to look beyond their individual tasks, so they can deliver a one-company experience that customers want to have again

Companies need to make an effort to clarify why they exist (and it’s not just to make money!). Then, link that purpose to who they hire, how they conduct themselves, and what they will do (as well as not do) to grow.

This enables the delivery of great employee and customer experiences, and will make successes mean much more and, as consequence generate much more satisfaction. It will also be the perfect environment for collaboration, a key ingredient for innovation, which in turn brings differentiation.

Customers will want everyone to know they are associated with those companies, and shout to the world about joint successes. And employees will be proud to be part of such companies, share with others and attract more talent.

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