Best of CX day (live feed)

Today, 6 October 2020, is CX day and to celebrate it the CX community will be doing lots of online and virtual events.

It’s difficult to follow and attend everything, as many of them overlap, but the good news is that some are recorded or on-demand.

This blog post will be a sort of a live feed, with the talks, webinars, videos and other articles I found interesting and worth watching / reading.

(YouTube video, 1m 47s) VR Vaccine, from Hermes Pardini

(CXPA talk, 9m 36s) Behavioral Science/Behavioral Finance, from Graeme Newell

(YouTube video, 5m 24s) Customer Obsession, from Jeff Bezos

(Article, 10 min read) What is Customer Experience, from GetApp

(Article, 10 min read) 5 Academic Articles For Your CX Professional Development Reading List, from Stephanie Thum

CXPA’s official definition of a CX professional: A CX professional is a catalyst who enhances an organization’s results by understanding, designing, and improving experiences across the entire customer relationship. (from Greg Melia, CXPA’s CEO)