Connect Web Services for SOAP: Create a Contact

After retrieving the WSDL and be aware of the API Operations you are ready to get, create, update and delete RightNow records through Web Services.

In this post an example will be presented on how to create a Contact. On the documentation available (Connect Web Services for SOAP) we can see the sample code and then adapt to our case.

To create a Contact we shall use the “Create” API Operation. The request message shall have:

  • An Envelope;
  • A Header;
  • A Body;


<soapenv:Envelope xmlns:soapenv=; xmlns:v1=“” xmlns:v11=“”>
[Include here the Header and the Body]


Notice the AppID tag with the Operation name “Basic Create”

  <ns7:ClientInfoHeader xmlns:ns7=“” soapenv:mustUnderstand=“0”>
     <ns7:AppID>Basic Create</ns7:AppID>
  <wsse:Security xmlns:wsse=; mustUnderstand=“1”>
        <wsse:Password Type=;>Password</wsse:Password>


Notice the Create tag and the RNObjects tag with the xsi:type = “Contact”

<ns7:Create xmlns:ns7=“”>
——<ns7:RNObjects xmlns:ns4=“” xmlns:xsi=; xsi:type=“ns4:Contact”>
————<ns4:EmailList action=“add”>
——————<ID xmlns=“” id=“0” />