Let’s celebrate “CX Day”


Tuesday, 3rd October 2017, is CX Day, a global celebration of everyone (companies and professionals) that strive to create and deliver great experiences for their customers. It is organised by the Customer Experience Professionals Association (CXPA), and you can see all about it in cxday.org.

CX Day will be celebrated all around the world, with various online events (see here), and c. 30 local events (I will be in London, see others here), which will have different topics of discussion (in London we will have “What is in the Heart of a Successful CX Strategy“).

But the fun will also be at our companies, with usual company celebrations (see here a few examples and ideas – adhere and share your pictures). As well as at the 2017 Impact Awards (see here the judges, the finalists and past winners). It is also very worth to check the fantastic blog posts at theĀ Blog Carnival.

I look forward to celebrate theĀ CX Day, with me fellow CX-zealots in London, in particular as it will be the first one celebration, as a member of CXPA and qualified CCXP.