Oracle Service Cloud with LinguistNow in PhotoBox

It was almost three years ago when I first came across a brilliant add-on to Oracle Service Cloud, developed by Language I/O. At the time I wrote a post about it, describing  how it would work for Incident and Answer translation.

A number of months later I posted about the success story of the Answer translation (LinguistHelp) in iRobot.

This time the post is about another success story, but related to the Incident translation (LinguistNow) in PhotoBox.

I would like to outline the words of Chris Gallimore, Customer Support Operations Manager at PhotoBox, who I had the pleasure to meet not long ago: “When LinguistNow came up as an option and was explored, it seemed to tick off a couple of boxes straight away in that it supported all of the languages that we support and had a solution that tied into Oracle Service Cloud”.

Also worth to emphasise… “LinguistNow Response easily fits into Oracle Service Cloud, combining both machine and rapid human translation to allow support agents of any language to respond to customer emails quickly and in their preferred language. Together, PhotoBox and Language I/O are able to successfully support customers in eleven languages. When a support agent responsible for one specific language is unavailable, another agent is able to easily service his or her customers in their language, in just a few clicks, via the LinguistNow tool”.

Oracle Service Cloud with LinguistNow, by iRobot

iRobot was founded in 1990 by MIT roboticists. The company designs and builds robots for home usage, like vacuum cleaner, floor scrubbing, floor mopping. iRobot has a $500 million revenue, 500+ employees, and sold more than 6 million robots in 60 countries.

Customer Service is very important to iRobot. To manage that, and engage with their customers, iRobot implemented Oracle Service Cloud. The Oracle Service Cloud Customer Portal and Knowledge Base are behind one of the key parts of customer service, web self-service.

iRobot has 6,000 FAQs in the Oracle Service Cloud Knowledge Base and the need to translate and organise them all in order to better serve non-English speaking clients around the world. That was obviously a massive task for a company which core business is robots, rather than translation.

After consulting Oracle iRobot went to Language I/O and implemented their LinguistNow Help product, which seamlessly integrate with Oracle Service Cloud (integration validated by Oracle) in order to translate all the answers/articles in the Oracle Service Cloud Knowledge Base.

Over one year ago I wrote a post about this great product. Today, I share the below video. It is a webinar where iRobot gives their testimony regarding the Oracle Service Cloud / LinguistNow power.

Customer Support in any language from Language I/O on Vimeo.

LinguistNow for Incident/Answer translation

As a consultant I have the privilege of visiting a lot of companies, the pleasure of seeing how they work, and the challenge of trying to align their business needs with technology. Every company has its business-specific or industry-specific requirements but some of them are common.

Lately I came across an important requirement. Some companies have their support centres based in one country, but they serve many other countries all over the world. Therefore, their customer service teams need to have language skills/capabilities in order to better serve their customers.

RightNow CX is available in 30+ languages. If a company needs to provide support in different languages it can buy another RightNow Internal Interface and also another RightNow External Interface. But if many languages are needed it can be painful (or expensive) to manage so many interfaces.

A few months ago I came across Language I/O, an Oracle Gold Partner specialized in providing products for translation automation. Language I/O has two products that plug into RightNow CX and automate the translation of Incidents or Answers into 100+ languages.

  • LinguistNow Help: Automates high-quality, human translation of help and FAQ content (Answers), and also localizes links embedded within the content. This feature saves content editors days of manual link editing within the translated content.


  • LinguistNow Response: Enables English speaking customer service agents to respond to Incidents in any language. It is embedded in the RightNow Agent Desktop and leverages both rapid-turn-around human translation as well as machine translation.


The product seemed very good so I asked for a demo. Kaarina Kvaavik (Managing Partner) and Lucia Kash (Business Development Director) were kind enough to show it to me and I was really impressed with what I saw. LinguistNow seems to be a very mature product that can really bring added value.

It translates RightNow Answers and Incidents in two ways:

  • Translate (automatic translation)
  • Re-translate (professional human translation). [average of 35 min to have the translation]

For companies with this kind of needs, it is really worth to have a look at this product.