Oracle Service Cloud with LinguistNow, by iRobot

iRobot was founded in 1990 by MIT roboticists. The company designs and builds robots for home usage, like vacuum cleaner, floor scrubbing, floor mopping. iRobot has a $500 million revenue, 500+ employees, and sold more than 6 million robots in 60 countries.

Customer Service is very important to iRobot. To manage that, and engage with their customers, iRobot implemented Oracle Service Cloud. The Oracle Service Cloud Customer Portal and Knowledge Base are behind one of the key parts of customer service, web self-service.

iRobot has 6,000 FAQs in the Oracle Service Cloud Knowledge Base and the need to translate and organise them all in order to better serve non-English speaking clients around the world. That was obviously a massive task for a company which core business is robots, rather than translation.

After consulting Oracle iRobot went to Language I/O and implemented their LinguistNow Help product, which seamlessly integrate with Oracle Service Cloud (integration validated by Oracle) in order to translate all the answers/articles in the Oracle Service Cloud Knowledge Base.

Over one year ago I wrote a post about this great product. Today, I share the below video. It is a webinar where iRobot gives their testimony regarding the Oracle Service Cloud / LinguistNow power.

Customer Support in any language from Language I/O on Vimeo.

3 thoughts on “Oracle Service Cloud with LinguistNow, by iRobot

  1. Iam looking at iRobot CP page and able to view English FAQs.

    Are you saying that using Language I/O, iRobot have translated these EN FAQs to a non-EN and published for end customers? If so, can you share their non-EN end user facing URL?

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