A brief description on RightNow CX

Oracle RightNow CX is an industry leading Cloud solution. It combines Web, Social and Contact Center experiences for a unified, cross-channel service solution in the Cloud, enabling organizations to increase sales and adoption, build trust and strengthen relationships, and reduce costs and effort.

RightNow was founded in 1997 and acquired by Oracle in 2011. It started as a cloud service software focused on Customer Service with an integrated knowledge base. Currently RightNow CX is an industry leading that combines Web, Social and Contact Center experiences.

RightNow CX turned into a suite with marketing and sales functionality, voice automation, customer feedback management, analytics and a social platform. It delivers exceptional customer experiences that create loyalty, advocacy and repeat business, and hence grow revenue.

RightNow CX delivers seamless customer service across all channels (web, store, phone, mobile device), enables personalized interactions with the customer, maximizing customer satisfaction/retention and delivers a unified view of the customer improving operational efficiency by the agents.


One thought on “A brief description on RightNow CX

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