Creating new users: Workspaces

The configuration tasks required when starting to use RightNow CX are:

  1. Create Navigation Set
  2. Create Workspace (optional)
  3. Create Profile (associate Navigation Set and Workspace with the Profile)
  4. Create Staff Account (associate Profile with the Staff Account)

Defines the way fields, tabs, buttons and reports are displayed on the content pane when working with records and when working with Chat.

The workspace determines the layout of fields, controls, and tabs on the content pane as well as the arrangement of buttons on the ribbon and the Quick Access toolbar.

Workspaces define the appearance of the agent desktop when staff members add, view, and edit records in RightNow CX.

(Click to enlarge)
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RightNow CX provides a set of standard workspaces suitable for most common record maintenance, but also gives you complete flexibility to create custom workspaces to help your staff work more efficiently.

Custom workspaces are also used to provide your team with access to records stored in custom objects, which by definition have no standard workspaces of their own.

Custom workspaces are created on a workspace designer consisting of a ribbon and a design space.

The designer ribbon provides access only to fields, controls, and properties that apply to the workspace type. Controls specific to answers, for example, cannot be added to opportunity workspaces.

In addition, you can create workspace rules to dynamically change the behaviour of fields and controls based on certain triggering events.

The workspaces used by staff members are defined in their staff profile, with one workspace associated for each type of record the profile can access.

(Click to enlarge)
(Click to enlarge)

Listed next to each workspace’s name is its workspace type, based on the type of record it opens. The workspace type determines which fields and controls can be added to the workspace.

(Click to enlarge)
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