Customizable Menus: Incident statuses

An incident’s status is its state in the knowledge base. RightNow Service has 4 default incident statuses: Solved, Unresolved, Updated, and Waiting. Additionally, there are 3 default status types: Solved, Unresolved, and Waiting. You can rename the default statuses, but you cannot change their types.

Waiting status means that an agent has responded to the incident and is waiting for a response from the customer. If the customer does not respond within the time specified in CI_HOURS (Agedatabase Utility > Batch Processing > Close Incidents), Agedatabase sets the incident status to Solved.

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RightNow Service can automatically set an incident’s status when agents send a response. This is a property of the Incident Thread relationship item that can be set when you create an incident workspace. The property is called Status Change on Response, and you can set it for one of the following options:

  • The status does not change when an agent sends a response.
  • The status changes to Waiting.
  • The status changes to Solved.

When you add an incident status, you must assign it to one of the three default status types.

If you delete a custom incident status, all incidents set to that status are changed to the default status with the same status type. For example, if you delete a custom incident status with the status type Solved, all incidents that were associated with that status are changed to the Solved incident status with the Solved status type.

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