Customizable Menus: Answer statuses

An answer’s status controls whether it is public and describes its state in the knowledge base. RightNow Service provides 4 default answer statuses, described in the following list. Every answer status is associated with a status type that is either Public or Private.

  • Private: The Private answer status prevents answers from being displayed on the administration interface and the customer portal. It is associated with the Private status type.
  • Proposed: Answers with the Proposed status are incidents that agents have submitted as potential answers for the knowledge base. Proposed answers are associated with the Private status type.
  • Public: Answers with the Public status are visible on the customer portal. Public answers have a Public status type.
  • Review: The Review answer status means the answer should be evaluated to determine if it is still necessary. An answer’s status is set to Review when it has been part of the knowledge base for a specified amount of time or when it’s solved count reaches zero. Answers with a Review status are associated with a Private status type by default.

If you delete a custom answer status, all answers with that status are changed to have either a Public or Private status, depending on the status type of the deleted answer status. For example, if you delete a custom answer status with a Public status type, all answers that were associated with that status are changed to Public status with the Public answer status type.

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