Outlook Smart Tags for Incident Reference #

Besides synchronizing contacts, tasks, and email between Outlook and Oracle RightNow CX, you can also implement a Microsoft smart tag in Outlook to open incidents directly from an email.

Staff members who are using Outlook 2007 must enable smart tags through Tools > Options > Mail Format > Editor Options > Proofing > AutoCorrect Options > Smart Tags.

Outlook recognizes certain types of data in your email, such as an address, and lets you perform actions on that data. In addition, Oracle RightNow CX lets you install a smart tag that recognizes incident reference numbers contained in email messages. When you right-click the reference number in an email message, the incident automatically opens in RightNow CX.

To install RightNow CX SmartTag:

1. Close Outlook.

2. In RightNow CX, click the CX button and select Links > Install Incident Reference Number Smart Tag. The SmartTag Setup Wizard opens.


3. Click the Next button to open the Select Installation Folder window.


4. To install SmartTag in a different location, click the Browse button, select the folder where you want to install SmartTag, and click the OK button.


5. To see a list of the drives where SmartTag can be installed, click the Disk Cost button. Click the OK button when you are finished.

6. Click the Next button to open the Confirm Installation window.


7. Click the Next button to begin the installation. After the installation is complete, the Installation Complete window opens.


8. Click the Close button to complete the installation.

To open an incident using RightNow CX SmartTag in Outlook:

1. Hover over the incident number smart tag in the email message. The smart tag indicator appears.

2. Click the smart tag indicator and select Open Incident within CX Console.

Note: If you are using Outlook 2010, you must right-click the reference number and select Additional Actions to view smart tag options

If the CX Console is already open, the incident opens. If the CX Console is not open when you select Open Incident, you must log in to Oracle RightNow CX for the incident to open.

Important Note 1: After the RightNow up-grade IT faces huge issue with the installation of the new version of outlook integration: Outlook Integration MSI Data cannot be installed centrally and the IT needs to do it locally, on every User Stations. Therefore it takes some time before all users gain installed the Outlook Integration and meantime the Outlook sync is not available on user’s stations.

Important Note 2: Prevent users from creating contacts via Outlook Sync using profile permissions: Even though the profile only has Read permissions for Contacts using the outlook sync facility allows them to create contacts.

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