Oracle SRM to improve Social capabilities

Research says that:

  • 1 in every 5 minutes online is spent in social networks
  • 58% of Facebook users liked a brand
  • 75% of users posted a negative comment after a poor experience
  • 39% of Twitter users tweeted about a brand

RightNow CX Social Experience enables brands to manage social interactions as a fully integrated part of the Customer Experience. It is designed to extend the Customer Experience to the places where consumers are learning, sharing, and buying across the social web. It provides services as:

  • Support and Innovation Communities
  • Self Service for Facebook
  • Social Monitor

The Communities are key for the Peer-to-Peer Support, which these days and for some companies are as important as Web Self-Service. The Self Service for Facebook is a brilliant part of the solution that allows access to RightNow’s Knowledge base and service capabilities directly from Facebook.

The Social Monitor (aka Cloud Monitor) allows companies to monitor and engage with customers in Social Media. Listening in channels like YouTube, Blogs or RSS Feeds, and even responding directly to customers through channels like Facebook or Twitter.

In this blog I already spoke a bit about how Social Monitor works, as you can see by clicking the “Social Experience” category

But the Social Media world is becoming bigger and bigger and for some companies (not all of them) the Social side is much more demanding. In this case, the RightNow CX Social Monitor can turn out to be insufficient. For those particular cases, there is the Oracle SRM suite.

Oracle SRM is a solution that has an out-of-the-box integration with RightNow CX, making it’s Social side even more powerful. It enables companies to use a single platform to Listen, Analyze, Monitor, Engage, Publish or Create content.

In the following video there is an Oracle SRM demonstration that will give a very good overview:

Notice, at 5 minutes 03 seconds, the “Send to RightNow” menu option when the presenter is showing the Engage module and replying to a customer post. By clicking this option, an incident is automatically created in RightNow CX to be managed by the customer service team.


Note: Oracle SRM suite comes from three acquisitions of best of breed social solutions: Collective Intellect, Vitrue and Involver.

2 thoughts on “Oracle SRM to improve Social capabilities

  1. would you know if this integration with RightNow works on owned Facebook properties as well? So far I’ve only seen that it works with tweets only. no one talks about FB….

  2. Hi there – the video is showing “This video is unavailable” – is there some kind of restriction in place for watching these videos?

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