Self Service for Facebook

In the age of the social web, organizations can no longer dictate when, where, and how they interact with customers. They must engage customers in their channels of choice. Facebook is without a doubt the most popular social network in the world, with over 1 billion active users.

RightNow Self Service for Facebook is a special Facebook application served by RightNow that provides access to features from Oracle RightNow CX Cloud Service right from a Facebook page, in both its standard and mobile web interfaces.

Using Self Service for Facebook, customers can:

  • Search the RightNow knowledge base, including results from community and natural language search using RightNow Intent Guide, if enabled.
  • Submit questions privately to the support team or publicly to the community.
  • Rate and comment on answers.
  • Browse community discussions.
  • Submit and track community posts and comments.
  • Share service and community experiences on Facebook.

Agents can field and respond to Facebook incidents right from the agent desktop. This way, customers can receive the same exceptional support they receive from other service channels without having to leave Facebook.

As a result, organizations can deliver a consistent experience to customers and fans on Facebook while maintaining a unified view of customer interactions across all service channels.


Self Service for Facebook helps customers find the information they need by browsing or searching the knowledge base from the Facebook social networking site. Once connected, the “Find Answers” tab displayed in Facebook presents the same answers that are visible in the answer search report defined for the customer portal. The report will also include results from your community and Intent Guide, if enabled.


Similar to visiting the customer portal, customers can click an answer to view its contents, including guides, without leaving Facebook. They can also click the “Ask a Question” tab to submit questions. Incidents submitted in this manner are processed by the system just like incidents submitted through the customer portal, and can then be accessed by staff using the agent desktop.


Facebook accounts will be associated with existing contacts that share the same email address (whether primary or alternate). In a case where no matching contact is found, a new contact will be created and automatically associated using the email address from the Facebook account. Agent responses to incidents submitted through Facebook are sent by email to that address.

Customers can also click the “Your Support Account” tab to view and update incidents from their recent support history.

Incidents created through Self Service for Facebook will be processed through whatever business rules and escalation paths configured for the site. If a SmartAssistant rule is active, suggested answers will be displayed when questions are submitted, just as they are in the customer portal.

To route these incidents through a distinct set of rule actions, use “Incident.Channel equals Facebook” as a business rule condition.

Self Service for Facebook is a component of RightNow application that can be embedded in a Facebook fan page. It has three types of service:

  • Self-assisted Service: Customers can search and access the same answer content available in your knowledge base, and (when using RightNow Community) provide feedback on your content by commenting on and rating answers.
  • Crowd-assisted Service: Customers can share their service experiences with Facebook friends and search and participate in RightNow Community discussions.
  • Agent-assisted Service: Customers can submit questions to your Oracle RightNow CX application directly from your Facebook page, as well as view and update questions they have submitted.

Self Service for Facebook also provides single sign-on capabilities, allowing customers to link their RightNow contact records to their Facebook accounts. When enabled, customers can use Self Service for Facebook to log into their RightNow account using their Facebook account credentials.

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