Mobile Agent app: Customisation coming up!

Following the previous posts about the Mobile Agent app for RightNow CX – Oracle Tap Service and Support – here are some interesting news that will certainly please RightNow CX consultants and developers.

The August 2013 release will allow the customisation of the Incident workspace. Developers will be able to add standard or custom fields for Incidents, Contacts or Organisations into certain areas of the Incident workspace. Those areas are: the Summary section, the Additional Information section and the Contact Details section.

Planned for the November 2013 release, is the ability to create additional tabs and additional sections in the Incident workspace, to add standard or custom fields.

The ability to customise other mobile workspaces is not there yet. But Oracle is planning to provide that in 2014. Custom Objects and Contacts workspace will probably be the two priorities, which would make RightNow CX consultants and developers very happy.

Already available is the ability to customise the descriptive text strings seen in the mobile application via the Message Bases editor in the Dynamic Agent Desktop. Navigating to Configuration > Site Configuration > Message Bases.

Note that the Mobile Agent app main menu will display Incidents, Contacts, Organizations, or Tasks based on the Navigation Set and Profile of the logged in user.

Notice also that any change made via the Mobile Agent app will appear in the record’s Audit Log as has been done via mobile device.

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