A smart investment in… RightNow CX

Recently I had one of the worse customer experiences ever with Vodafone UK (see previous post). As I said at the end, Vodafone UK has a gigantic task to try to deliver a good Customer Experience in order to acquire/retain customers.

This is something that can only be achieved with a big Cultural change, a huge Strategic shift, and a smart investment in Technology. Using a platform like Oracle RightNow CX Cloud Service, Vodafone UK would be able to easily improve the Customer Experience and avoid some of the hassles they gave me…

  • RightNow Cloud Service: Being a cloud service, changes to the system can be made on the fly and without any down time. It is a robust solution with secure global access and a fully redundant architecture. Avoiding the the in-store system being down.
  • RightNow Contact Centre: An easy-to-use and user-friendly application with very intuitive and familiar look & feel, giving instant insight of the Customer’s history. Avoiding the in-store user or the contact centre agent to take a huge amount of time navigating the system to find information.
  • RightNow Agent Desktop: Provides a 360° view of the customer and an end-to-end management of the customer journey through unified records, interfaces, and knowledge. Avoiding the customer to be forced to tell his story over and over again, countless times.
  • RightNow Chat: Completely integrated in the Agent Desktop immediately passes the customer information to the chat agent before the chat is initiated. It is multi-device (PC, SmartPhone, Tablet) and provides conferencing, transfer, supervisor monitoring or standard response templates. Avoiding the chat agent having to ask the customer’s for his name/number again, sinking into lengthy conversations and taking a long time to transfer/conference.
  • RightNow CTI Integration: Provides an embedded call control within the Agent Desktop (CTI Media Bar), passes IVR and Customer data to the agent before the call is answered, and triggers rules, scripts or guided assistance. Avoiding the agent to ask the customer who he is, what’s his number and why is he calling.
  • RightNow Knowledge Base: A self-learning knowledge base that learns from every interaction and enables web self-service by leveraging relevant and in-time information in the Web or Mobile Customer Portal, offering the customer the possibility to self-serve and quickly resolve his query. Avoiding customers from choosing other (more expensive and time consuming) channels.
  • RightNow Incident Management: The Incident Messages Thread allows contact centre agents or users to log interactions from different channels (web, email, chat, phone, social media), but regarding the same issue, into the same Service record, creating a complete track of the customer’s issue history. Avoiding the agent having to search for previous history or asking the customer to repeat himself.

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