Offer Advisor: Set up and use

Offer Advisor provides offers that agents can present to the customer while dealing with a Service Request.

In a Sales perspective, organisations can use Offer Advisor to enable their agents in the call centre to cross-sell (by offering products compatible with those the customer has already purchased) or up-sell (by offering a premium version of a product the customer currently owns).

In a Service perspective, organisations can use Offer Advisor to enable their agents in the call centre to offer new SLAs and renewals, remind customers about warranties, add customers to a newsletter mailing list or provide information about product recalls.

If a customer shows interest in one of the offers presented by the agent, Offer Advisor automatically creates an Opportunity against his contact.

Offer Advisor delivers two types of offers:

  • Promotion: A program defined by the organisation that specifies the effective dates, the product (if applicable), the promotion’s priority, and the target eligible for the promotion.
  • Suggestion: An automated product recommendation that predicts customer interest based on purchase history (purchase history has to be integrated into RightNow).

Setting up Offer Advisor

Configuration settings are used to enable Offer Advisor and configure its functionality. Then agents are able to use it while dealing with customers (make sure that the Offer Advisor button appears on the incidents workspace ribbon).

  1. Integrating purchase history data: If you want Offer Advisor to use purchase history, you must integrate that data.
  2. Creating targets: Every promotion needs an intended audience, which is its target. You can create unique targets for specific promotions as well as general targets you can use for multiple promotions.
  3. Adding promotions: Once you have enabled Offer Advisor, integrated purchase history day, and created targets, you can create promotions that include dates, products, information for the agent, and targets.

Creating Targets

Every promotion has to be at least associated to one target (i.e. customers to whom your organisations want to present the promotion). Targets can be specifically created for one promotion or they can be generic for multiple promotions.

In the Business Rule of type Offer Advisor only one state (named “Targets”) is allowed. You cannot add states or functions in target rules. Also, regardless of the conditions you select (the “If”), the default action (the “Then”) is always “Contact will match this target”. It is not possible to add another action (the “Else”).

To define the conditions of a target fields from Incident, Contact, and Organization tables can be used. It is also possible to select a unique Purchased Products condition for target rules. This condition is a combination of three conditions – Product, Price, and Date Purchased – all of which must be met.

1. Click the Configuration button on the navigation pane.
2. Double-click Rules under Site Configuration.
3. Click the Offer Advisor button on the ribbon.
4. Click the Edit button on the ribbon.
5. Right-click Targets in the tree and select New Rule.
6. Type the name of the target rule in the Name field.
7. To add notes to the rule, type them in the Notes field.
8. Click the Add IF Condition Based On button
9. Select the fields/operators/values to build the target
10. Click the Save button to save the target rule.
12. Click the Activate button to compile and activate the target rule base.


Creating promotions

Promotions include the product or message you want agents to present to customers who belong to a specific target group. Promotions also define the active dates, the promotion’s priority, URLs to open when customers express interest in or accept a promotion, and scripts and tips for agents.

Because every promotion requires at least one target, you must define the promotion’s target before you can complete the promotion. If your promotion applies to a sales product, you must also be sure the product is in the product catalog.

1. Click the Configuration button on the navigation pane.
2. Double-click Promotions under Sales.
3. To add a promotion, click the New button on the ribbon.
4. Type the name of the promotion in the Name field.
5. Enter promotions details.
6. Click the Description button on the ribbon.
7. Enter promotion information: summary, guide, and keywords.
8. Click the Targets button on the ribbon.
9. Specify the targets.
10. Click the Save and Close button on the ribbon to save the promotion.




Using Offer Advisor

When an agent is dealing with a customer’s issue (on the Incident workspace) Offer Advisor uses the customer’s information to search for promotions that he might be eligible for and product suggestions that he might be interested in. If Offer Advisor finds any promotions or product suggestions the Offer Advisor button is enabled on the ribbon.


Clicking on the Offer Advisor button, The Offer Advisor window displays and contains promotions and suggestions that the customer is eligible for, as well as the Guide and Product details set on the promotion.


After offering to the customer, his response can be logged by clicking the Set Response link on the Action column. This will activate the picklist on the Response column and allow the agent to register the customer’s response.


In case the response is positive, an Opportunity is automatically created and opened for the agent.


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