O2: Another bad Customer Experience

Requested a chat session from O2 to resolve a simple issue. O2 uses LivePerson to chat. Before starting the session it asks the Name, Number and Type of tariff. I filled all the fields “Luis Melo“, “07445……” and chose “Pay Monthly“. The chat agent greeted me and asked what was my issue, which I exposed.

The agent asked me if it was for my PAYG number?! No, it’s not! a) I don’t have (never had) a PAYG number with O2, b) You have my name and number, so if you check my account you’ll not find any PAYG number, c) I just chose the option “Pay Monthly” before the chat started… “Pay Monthly” I said.

The first response was the worse response an agent can give to a customer these days: “Try again later“. Systems should not even allow these words to be written. This is the worse you can tell a customer. a) You’re not solving his problem, b) Your not giving a logical or rational answer.


I gave a very detailed explanation of my issue but the agent kept sending me huge amount of generic information that was not related nor helping. And despite I told him that it was not helping, he kept insisting that it should solve my issue. Until he said that what I was trying to do was impossible.


At this point I showed him an FAQ on O2 website that was saying the opposite. But it was not working, and that was my issue. So he asked me to let him check the FAQs and came back apologising. A funny moment after that, as he said he didn’t want me angry and would end up putting a smile on my face.

O2_funny part

He actually did. Not because he sorted my issue but because he was pathetic. After telling me step-by-step what to do (replicating what I’ve done already many times) and failed, he told me to… “Try again later“!!… and with a puppy’s expression said he was sure that that should have been sorted.


The end of the story is: He put me on hold for a long time, asked me many times for patience, and didn’t solve my issue. After some time I quit. He was glad and suggested me to go to a store.



P.S. – Soon I will be posting how RightNow CX could avoid most of this hassle.

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