How RightNow could have avoided another bad CX

A few days ago I shared in this blog a real experience with a telecom provider. It was another very bad customer experience that could easily be avoided or attenuated if the company (in this case, O2) was using the best technology, the right way.

  • RightNow Agent Desktop would have avoided the agent from treating me in a depersonalised way (!!) as if he didn’t know me as a customer or my history with the company. The Agent Desktop provides a 360° view of the customer and an end-to-end management of the customer journey through unified records, interfaces, and knowledge.
  • RightNow Chat would have avoided the agent from asking me again (!!) the type of tariff I had, once I had already filled the field “Type of Tariff” when requesting the chat. RightNow Chat is completely integrated in the Agent Desktop and immediately passes the customer’s information to the chat agent before the chat is initiated.
  • Also, RightNow Chat provides conferencing, transfer or supervisor monitoring capabilities, which could have been used by a) the agent, to call for help from a senior colleague/manager, b) the manager/supervisor, that whilst monitoring the chats found strange that a chat session was taking more than 1 hour (could even be notified of that fact).
  • RightNow SmartAssistant would have avoided the agent from sending me a huge amount of useless (!!) information after I explained my issue in detail. The RightNow SmartAssistant evaluates the written text in the transcript and comes up with a few answers (i.e. articles in the knowledge base) that are related and will most likely resolve the customer’s issue.
  • RightNow Knowledge Base would have avoided the agent from telling me I was wrong whilst showing ignorance (!!) of its own services. The RightNow Knowledge Base presents the same relevant and consistent knowledge across all channels of interaction, either for agents or customers, infusing knowledge from the entire ecosystem.
  • RightNow Standard Text would have avoided the agent from poor and pathetic (!!) writing. RightNow Standard Text can be used when responding to customer in chat sessions, in order to save time, eliminate errors, and give consistent answers. Agents can use hot keys as shortcut for inserting standard text, which can include merge fields/variables (e.g. the contact’s first name).

I’m pretty sure that, even without a very good Customer Experience strategy in place, the use of the best technology – Oracle RightNow CX – would make this experience a lot better.

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