Kodak faced 3 challenges and chose Oracle Service Cloud

Kodak is one of the most well know companies in the world, when it comes to imaging solutions. Over the years, Kodak has acquired a number of other companies. This was a big challenges with regards to the way they serviced their customers. Mainly because all these businesses they acquired used different systems and ways of servicing their customers. Kodak needed standardisation and consolidation, alongside capability and scalability.

Challenge #1 – To have a 360-degree view of the customer
Kodak “did not have an enterprise-wide view of its customers“. Kodak needed “to standardize its customer relationship management (CRM) environment across its business-to-business (B2B) operations

Challenge #2 – Consolidate knowledge across the business
Each business that Kodak acquired had “its own service system and knowledge base“. Kodak “wanted to globally consolidate knowledge that resided in more than 40 distinct knowledge bases“.

Challenge #3 – Choose an omni-channel and future proof system
Kodak was looking for a system that would allow the company “to understand how to best serve its customers, manage interactions consistently across all channels, seamlessly transitioning from self service to assisted service when necessary“.

Kodak chose an Oracle solution to address these challenges. Oracle Service Cloud is now the main customer service and customer-facing solution for “Incident Management, Knowledge and Web Deployment“, integrated with the back-office system, SAP, that manages service contracts and entitlements.

See Kodak’s Web Self-Service Portal, deployed by Oracle Service Cloud
See Kodak’s success story on Oracle’s website

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