Oracle Cloud adapter for Service Cloud integrations

Oracle has announced recently the Oracle Cloud adapter for Oracle Service Cloud. It is one of the Oracle Integration Adapters in the Oracle SOA Suite 12c, part of Oracle Fusion Middleware platform.

It will allow developers to seamlessly connect Oracle Service Cloud with other applications (on-premise or cloud) using a wizard-based tool that helps to configure the connectivity and build the integration.

The adapter supports integration with Oracle Service Cloud via the “Connect Web Services for SOAP” API, enabling developers to perform the following operations:

  1. CRUD – Create, Read (Get), Update, Delete (destroy)
  2. Query – ROQL
  3. Batch – CRUD/Query Operations

With the Oracle Cloud adapter developers will have the ability to:

a) Browse and select objects and operations.


b) Model ROQL queries


c) Create bulk interactions to create contacts, incidents and accounts in a single request


It is possible to chain CRUD operations to process objects in a single request. e.g. create a new Contact, and a new Incident, associated with that Contact.


With the Oracle Cloud adapter, integrations between Oracle Service Cloud and other applications (e.g. Oracle e-Business, Oracle Siebel, SAP, Oracle Sales Cloud, SFDC, etc.) can be built easier and will be faster to deploy.

Related documentation: Oracle Fusion Middleware – Oracle Cloud Adapter for Oracle RightNow Cloud Service User’s Guide

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    1. Hi Bhaggs, unfortunately that is an Oracle URL. Maybe they have changed location for that information. I’m sure you can find it if you google it or search on Oracle’s website.

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