56 thoughts on “Configuration Settings – Tips

  1. My assumption is VRL_HARD is a global setting. Is there to limit these to individual users?

  2. Thanks for the tips Luis. under the Brand Content URL I believe we can also create a page that will fit into the screen exactly and then have scripting behind it to make it contextual based on IP/Date similar to what Oracle do with their default display.

  3. I have used this in the past, this is a nice resource to help remember how I made though changes long ago.

  4. Thanks again for the tips Luis! BRAND_CONTENT_URL is probably the one I’m most excited about. I’m going to recommend branding this for our company.

  5. Thanks for the tips. I would appreciate more info on what the min, max, or default settings on the various config settings. I like that you included some recommendations. Do you have any opinions or suggestions as to possible drawbacks of increasing VRL_HARD?

    1. Hi Jessica,

      For SA_NL_MAX_SUGGESTIONS I would have min of 3 and max of 5.

      For CHAT_ALERTFORM_AUTOCLOSE_TIMEOUT I would have min of 15 and max of 30.

      For VRL_HARD… for obvious performance reasons I don’t think you want to have it too high. The pre-default value should be ok, but you can increase a little bit if you really need to.

  6. Keep up the content, this points out great value add for those easy to miss items in configuring.

  7. Thanks, Luis. I’d love to see some configurations that don’t require back-end code or widget configuration, for those non-technical users!

  8. Thank you for continuing to stress the importance of product knowledge! These are easy changes that not everyone knows, which are also very easy to overlook. 🙂

  9. The VL Hard is a good one to know if you are trying to grab a large amount of data at once.

  10. This is the setting for the brand information for the client while the agents login to maintain security and importance of the company

  11. You will want to exercise caution with increases to the VRL_HARD config as this can have performance impacts in your site. I would suggest increasing this slowly in a step-wise fashion to avoid having large reports slow down your site performance.

  12. This blog is great!! I always find what I need when I stuck in some task. Thank you!

  13. I found this page a couple of years ago and it inspired us to update BRAND_CONTENT_URL. That’s such a simple change that makes a big difference.

    I have a question about VRL_HARD. Are there any downsides to increasing this limit? This basically just decides when the report will page because we have run reports with millions of rows, but just 10,000 per page appear. If this will slow down report run times, then we wouldn’t want to increase it, but it would be nice to set the limit high knowing that we can set a different page setting on each report if needed.

  14. I’ve had issues with the BRAND_CONTENT_URL referencing an image on other websites because those site admins may not know what it’s being used for and could move it or remote it. I’ve started hosting the images in File Manager and using the file path there to create a URL like this: http://%5Bsite%5D.custhelp.com/%5Bfile_path%5D

    1. Well, apparently it didn’t like my brackets in the URL, but hopefully you get the idea…

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