Creating new users: Navigation Sets

The configuration tasks required when starting to use RightNow CX are:

  1. Create Navigation Set
  2. Create Workspace (optional)
  3. Create Profile (associate Navigation Set and Workspace with the Profile)
  4. Create Staff Account (associate Profile with the Staff Account)

Navigation sets control the navigation lists and buttons that staff members see on the navigation pane of the RightNow CX Console.

Navigation sets can be created for staff members who have any combination of responsibilities, and can be assigned to staff members in their profiles.

Every staff member has a profile, and every profile must include a navigation set that all staff members with that profile use when they work in RightNow CX.

A navigation set is a combination of navigation buttons and their associated navigation lists.

If you do not create navigation sets and assign them to profiles, staff members will not have access to navigation buttons and lists.

You can configure navigation sets to provide access to only areas of RightNow CX that staff members need to perform their job.

You can create as many navigation sets as your organization needs.

When you add a profile, you select the navigation set that staff members with the profile will use.

The staff members assigned to the profile have access to only those reports and items defined in their profile’s navigation set unless you allow staff members with that profile to customize their navigation set.

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