Creating new users: Profiles

The configuration tasks required when starting to use RightNow CX are:

  1. Create Navigation Set
  2. Create Workspace (optional)
  3. Create Profile (associate Navigation Set and Workspace with the Profile)
  4. Create Staff Account (associate Profile with the Staff Account)

Profiles let you control what areas of RightNow CX your staff members can access and what specific actions they can perform in those areas.

Profiles contain general options for RightNow CX administration functions and more specific options for each of the products within RightNow CX.

For example, profiles define whether your staff members can view and edit business rules. They also define whether your agents can respond to customers, assign incidents, conduct chat sessions in RightNow Chat, and perform other RightNow Service activities.

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Navigation sets and custom workspaces are associated with profiles. A Profile has to have a Default Navigation Set.

While creating and using custom workspaces is optional, navigation sets must be created and associated with profiles before you add staff accounts. Otherwise, staff members will not have access to any records, reports, or components.

You may decide to define your profiles based on the structure of your organization. For example, you may want separate profiles for administrators, managers, agents, sales representatives, marketing personnel, and knowledge engineers.

Once you create profiles, you can add staff accounts and assign a profile to each account.

The following items must be created before adding profiles.

  • Navigation sets. Profiles without navigation sets do not allow access to reports and other components
  • Custom workspaces (optional). If you use custom workspaces, we recommend creating them before creating profiles so you can assign workspaces to specific profiles.
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