3 thoughts on “Customer Portal: Single Sign-On

  1. In Rightnow the SSO for customers is called PTA (Pass-Through Authentication) and it is used when a customer logs in to the companies website and is automatically recognized by the customer portal. SSO with SAML is only for administrator, agents and staff in general applied only for the Rightnow Application.

    1. Hello Thales, That is not accurate. Although PTA & SAML are used for Single Sign On. PTA is very different from SAML. PTA is RightNow invented, whereas SAML is the industry standard. SAML can be used for both customer login as well as Agent login to the Admin console.

  2. I am using SAML for single signon. I had enable the config setting according to the documents.
    I have uploaded the saml certificate on file manager (certs/roots).

    On my php site Then I had used the SAML assertion xml. In SAML assertion xml I
    Changed two things.

    1.Certificate In XML


    2.contact.login in XML

    Used Login value here

    Then covert the saml xml into Base64. And used this code for Assertion.

    But it give me errors.
    No SAMLResponse POST value was sent to the CP controller. A SAML response is required in order to start the authentication process.

    Can we do like this without using third party identity provider.

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