Mobile Agent app: How to get started

Following the previous post about the Mobile Agent app for RightNow CX – Oracle Tap Service and Support – here are the steps on how to get started.

Step 1: Enable and configure the mobile agent app in the Configuration Settings.

Navigate to Configuration > Site Configuration > Configuration Settings > RightNow Common > Mobility.


Step 2: Give your staff members permission to access the mobile agent app.

Navigate to Configuration > Staff Management > Profiles > (Open Profile) > PermissionsAdministration > (check the Account Authentication check box in the Mobile Agent App section)


Step 3: Go to the Apple App Store, search for Oracle Tap app and install it.


Step 4: Configure the Customer Service and Support cloud option on your iPad

Enter the URL to your Oracle RightNow CX application:
https:// <your virtual host> /cgi-bin/ <your interface> .cfg/php/tap/v1


image (1)

image (2)

Editing settings

Taping the Settings button on the main menu, a user can specify if login credentials are saved, how long the app will wait for a server response, if the data cache is cleared when the application is closed or restarted, and which server is used. Additionally, user can view the version and the license agreements.

Admins can specify the time periods used to initiate an automatic logout and to maintain offline authentication.

  • By default, the number of seconds the agent can leave the application idle before being logged out is 300 (5 minutes). To change this go to the MOBILITY_IDLE_TIMEOUT configuration setting.
  • By default, the number of seconds the application will store the agent’s credentials for offline authentication is 28800 (8 hours). To change this go to the MOBILITY_SESSION_TIMEOUT configuration setting.

10 thoughts on “Mobile Agent app: How to get started

  1. Hi Doc, This is a very good news.
    I downloaded the App, but I only can see the aplications: Human Capital Management and Sales and Marketing. Do you know why? Thanks,

    1. Hi Loreto. That is strange. Did you download Oracle Tap from the App Store? Are you using iPad? Which version is the app you downloaded? Is it version 2.5.1?

  2. OK thanks! I followed the steps and according to me all rights are good for the app. But when I try to log in it gives me that the user has no rights.. Can this be because it is a demo environment or that I try to log in as an admin?

    1. Hi Arjan, I don’t think the issue is with it being a demo environment, nor with you logging in as an Admin. Do you want to share the steps you took and config you have done?

  3. Well I followed all steps above and didn’t change anything since everything was already as it should be according to the text and screenshots above (I used the admin profile and permissions and mobility was switched on already. Only difference is that I have 10 mobility items and the only thing on 0 is Mobility contacts) Then I added the URL as stated above and all fine until then. Logging in is the final step which says that the user doesn’t have the rights.

    1. Did you check the “Account Authentication” check box in the “Mobile Agent App” section of the admin permissions of the profile?

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