Facebook service is not a bolt-on, it is native

According to a recent report from Infosys, titled “Rethinking Retail”, consumers engage with retailers on Facebook (38%) more than they do via that retailer’s website (36%). This difference obviously increases when it comes to younger consumers. And 9 out of 10 consumers say that the social media engagement with the brand impacts how much they spend. The report also says that the main reason (38%) for retailers not being able to create a more integrated CX is the lack of technology.

RightNow CX combines Web, Contact Centre and Social Experience. The Social Experience enables companies to manage social interactions as a fully integrated part of the Customer Experience. It was designed to extend the Customer Experience to the places where consumers are learning, sharing, and buying – the Social Media. And one of the Social Experience services of RightNow CX is Self Service for Facebook, specifically created for the biggest Social Network (c. 1.5 billion users).

Back in July 2013 I published 2 posts about this topic so I will not repeat it here. I will leave you the links and invite you to read/watch.

But this is not all. Oracle has been improving this service and in the next few releases it will give companies full control over the Support page on Facebook – allowing the developers to change the look and feel by accessing PHP – as well as add the Virtual Assistant (already available in the Customer Portal) to the Support pages on Facebook.

This is why and where RightNow CX differentiates from its competitors. While some are trying to bolt-on some applications that will bring them the desired functionalities, RightNow CX was designed from the beginning to be a complete solution that enables companies to deliver a fully integrated Customer Experience across all channels.

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