Versioning of Answers with VersionCX from Ideqa

Oracle Open World 2014 was very fruitful to me. From an Oracle Service Cloud perspective, it was really great. a) I had the chance to confirm some of the great features and functionalities in the roadmap, and b) I was able to get in touch with people/companies that work everyday to improve the customer and user experience of those who interact with Oracle Service Cloud.

One of those companies is Ideqa. A New Zealand-based company, that focuses on CX and partners with Oracle for the implementation of Oracle Service Cloud. But they were not satisfied with what the product had to offer, and went on to build a very clever functionality: VersionCX, which helps companies manage versioning of Answers in the Knowledge Base.

VersionCX is an add-in for Oracle Service Cloud that allows companies to store historical versions of Answers. This will allow knowledge managers to consult or roll back to prior versions if necessary (for business or even legal reasons). VersionCX also allows the scheduling of Answers.

But the coolest thing about VersionCX is that the new/updated version of the Answer always takes the original ID, which means that a) the Answer retains its score and historical usage, and b) ensure the embedded URLs and Google searches continue to return the correct result.


To know more about VersionCX (prices, packs) visit Ideqa’s website.

8 thoughts on “Versioning of Answers with VersionCX from Ideqa

  1. Interesting, but versioning is on the service cloud roadmap so this has a very short shelf life. Probably a year Max.

    1. Good to point out the roadmap, but this gives organisations the opportunity to make use of this now.

      If you’re going through a rebranding exercise, you’d probably get this rather than wait a year or so.

      1. Good point, however there’s no way I could get these ongoing costs across the line for functionality that could be depreciated in less than 2 years.

  2. Re: the roadmap, we’ve been working closely with the team at Oracle on this.

    Version control is on the roadmap, but this is only for customers that upgrade to ‘Advanced Knowledge’ which is essentially Oracle Knowledge (Inquira) in the cloud.

    The vast majority of users will continue to use ‘Foundation Knowledge’ which is which is the core Service Cloud / RightNow knowledge base, and those users will continue to struggle with managing answer versions.

    I hope this helps.

  3. I delivered this as an example of a workflow demonstration in ’10 at the RightNow conference in EMEA. It would have to be substantially better than the free version.

  4. The other point to add is that there is a fundamental difference between knowledge and content, and despite building an answer versioning tool I’m not sure that this is relevant in knowledge management, which is probably a much broader topic involving a beer or two!

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