Modern Service Experience 2016

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This week I had the chance to be at the Modern Service Experience conference in Las Vegas, where great news were announced by Oracle, with regards to the (near) future of Oracle Service Cloud. Oracle is building their own Video Chat and integration with the leading messaging apps in the market – WhatsApp, WeChat and Facebook Messenger – moving customer service to the next level and allowing companies to keep up with the needs of their customers.

Great sessions and workshops took place in the MGM Conference Centre, where Oracle specialists from the Product Development and Product Management teams shared their knowledge, and customers shared their experiences with Oracle Service Cloud. Their challenges but also their successes, with the implementation and usage of the platform.

Some sessions were particularly interesting:

  • Cross-Channel Contact Centre: Customer Showcase” moderated by Susie Boyer, where three customers (Elsevier, SiriusXM, Academy Sports+Outdoors) showed three completely different ways of using Oracle Service Cloud on a contact centre.
  • Automating your desktop” moderated by Jens Lundell, where WageWorks showed how the company improved efficiency and increased all key indicators using Workspace Rules, Desktop Workflows and Agent Scripts.
  • Customer Portal: Advanced Framework Techniques” where Chris Fellows and Jeremy Campbell, both from Oracle, shared a few tips and tricks on how to use, configure and develop the Customer Portal.
  • Recipes from the Analytics Cookbook” where Kenny Tietz from Oracle, presented the Analytics Cookbook that is now available on the Oracle Service Cloud community.
  • Customer Roundtable: Service Email” driven by Susie Boyer and Keri Jenkin, where many customers asked for clarification and insight on how to go about using the email features and functionalities, like Message Templates and Business Rules to better manage the email interactions.

The Modern Service Experience conference was also a great opportunity to review some “old” faces from the Oracle Service Cloud community – Susie Boyer, Christopher Patterson, Roderick Peace from Oracle; Rhianna Albert from eVerge; Kaarina Kvaavik and Lucia Kash from Language I/O; Paul Graham from Ideqa – and meet others – Stephanie Kaleva, Erica Leep, Keri Jenkin, Maureen Meeds, Jens Lundell, Nate Hossner, Jeff Wartgow from Oracle; Mig Ponce from Eventus; Rupal Patel from Infolexa.

There was also some time to take a sneak peek to some of the sessions on the Modern Sales Experience conference and Modern Marketing Experience conference, as well as meet some experts on Oracle Sales Cloud and Marketing Cloud.

Looking forward to next year’s event!

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