Cloud Monitor: Configuration and Overview

Before you can monitor the social cloud to search for information related to your organization, you need to configure your application to provide access to the RightNow Cloud Monitor.

To provide access to the RightNow Cloud Monitor it is necessary to:

  • Add cloud monitor to Navigation Sets
  • Add cloud monitor permission to Profiles



Using the cloud monitor, you can add, execute, and analyse cloud searches for any of the available social channels. As each new cloud search is added, it is listed on the content pane along with information about who added it, what social channel is searched, what text is searched for, the time it was last executed, and how many results have been returned. A search can also be designated as a favourite, which prevents it from being deleted and enables it to be scheduled on a recurring basis.

Twitter, Facebook, RightNow Community, and RSS searches can return a maximum of 100 new results per search instance, while YouTube searches are limited to 50 new results.

The social channels available for cloud searches are configured through the Channels editor. In addition, the Channels editor provides a utility for viewing and managing cloud searches that have been added for each channel. With the Cloud Search Manager, you can view and manage the list of agents who have selected each search as a favourite as well as remove searches that were entered incorrectly or are no longer needed.

The Cloud Monitor dashboard is divided into 3 sections.

  • Favourites: Contains a list of previous cloud searches. Each time you perform a new cloud search, it is automatically marked as a favourite and added to this section.
  • Subscriptions: Contains a list of cloud searches that have been added on a subscription basis. Refer to Searching the social cloud.
  • Private Messages: Contains messages received through Twitter private messages. Refer to Responding to Twitter posts.


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