Social Channels on Message Thread

Recently, when setting up the Social Channels in a new environment, I came across a distress: I was not able to respond through the same Social channel.

I reviewed my steps:

  1. I had configured the Cloud Monitor correctly;
  2. I had created and set up Facebook Channel correctly;
  3. I had created and set up Twitter Channel correctly;
  4. I was able to monitor both Social channels;
  5. I was able to create an incident in order to respond to a tweet/post.

But on the message thread of the incident created from the post/tweet, I was not able to see the social channel option when I clicked the channel drop down list. I could only see the standard options: Phone, Fax, Post, Email, CSS Web or No Channel.


The problem was that when I clicked “Respond” or “Create Incident” on the Cloud Monitor, an Incident was being created and the default message type in the message thread was “Customer Entry” (where I could only see the channels: Phone, Fax, Post, Email, CSS Web or No Channel).


But if I changed the message type to “Response” – by clicking “Add” > “Reponse”…


… I was now able to see the Twitter (or Facebook) channel (if the Contact associated with the Incident had a Twitter or Facebook channel username).


It seemed to me that, whenever I created an incident, it was logical to be able to have the message type default to “Response” instead of “Customer Entry”. And this can be done by editing the Incident workspace:

  • Open the Incident workspace
  • Go to the “Messages” tab
  • Select the messages control (aka “Rich Text Incident Thread”)
  • Go to the “Design” tab > “Options” section
  • Click “Default Thread” > “Default Thread on New/Edit” and select “Response”


Now, whenever I create an incident, the default message type is “Response” and I can straightaway see the available channels through which I can respond.

Thank you to Hari Menon (Oracle Product Manager) and Luke Brennan (Oracle Pre-Sales Consultant) for the support.

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