WhatsApp Integration with OSvC

One of the biggest and most exciting announcements made by Oracle in the Modern Service Experience event in Las Vegas last week, was the development of an integration with the leading messaging apps in the market – WhatsApp, WeChat and Facebook Messenger.

In the meantime, Customer Interactions Group – an Oracle partner based in the Netherlands – created the integration between OSvC and WhatsApp, certainly using the Chat API.

P.S. – The integration with WhatsApp can only be productised when there is a public API available, which is still not the case today.

12 thoughts on “WhatsApp Integration with OSvC

  1. Which version of OSVC have you used for his integration?
    Or is there a minimum version that is required for such integration to be done?


    1. Hi Charu,

      This integration was done by “Customer Interaction Group”, not by me. I believe you should be able to use any version that has the Chat API.

  2. Hi Luis, we need at least Aug2015 release of Service cloud, because the REST API is used for the integration. REST has only been usable since the AUG2015 release of OSVC.

  3. So this is ready to launch and ready to be used, like today? Anyone know where the documentation can be found on how to do this?

  4. HI Michel/Luis,

    Thanks for the information!
    But I guess REST APIs were introduced in May 2015.
    So can this integration be done on May2015 version?


  5. Hi Colby, Charu,
    this is ready to go, we have a couple of customers live on the solution.

    @Charu: The REST API in May2015 release will not work. The May release did not offer support for some searching features via REST yet. Those features have only been introduced since Aug15 release.

    If you are interested, contact us for a demo via http://www.custintgroup.com/about-us/contact/?lang=en
    (I hope you don’t mind giving the link Luis, otherwise I will delete the link immediately)

  6. We provide WhatsApp API for Integration with Various software integrations like tally integration & integration with various CRMs. You can use this API to send automated messages through your existing system.

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